My narrative horror poem, “The Songstress,” is now up on MetaStellar. I originally started writing it as a short story, but for some reason the words came to me in verse and I just ran with it. It’s a whimsical poem, and I hope people enjoy it.

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Artwork by Anais Aguilera using Firefly.


I am pleased to announce that my short horror story, “We Told You of the One Who Lives in the Mound,” will be published and podcast by PseudoPod. This is the first time one of my stories will be released in audio form, and I can’t wait to hear it! Here’s a description of the story:

A young woman’s childhood mistakes come back to haunt her when a vengeful letter-writer calls her back to the mysterious small town she fled twenty years before.

This story is a mix of Choctaw legends and real events that occurred in my hometown. I don’t yet know the release date but will update this when I do.

I’m happy to announce that my whimsical narrative horror poem/flash piece, “The Songstress,” will be published on the e-zine MetaStellar! I don’t yet know the date of publication, only that it will be sometime before December of next year. Here’s a description of the piece:

A mysterious woman arrives in a small town, singing a supernatural song of death and destruction that plunges the entire area into eternal night.

This was my first time experimenting with narrative poetry, so I’m very pleased that this piece will be getting published. I will update this post once I know when the publication date will be.

I received my contributor copy of Seers and Sibyls in the mail today, and it is beautiful!

I was a little surprised to see that every story was given a label like “A Tale from [insert country/ethnicity]” and even more surprised to see my story labeled as “A Tale from the Choctaw Nation.” It’s not. It’s just a tale from me. I fear that label gives the impression that my story is based on a Choctaw folktale and I’m a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, neither of which is true. I’m enrolled in the Vancleave Live Oak Choctaw of Mississippi, and my story, though it does have a Choctaw isht ahullo in it, is not based on any folktale. So I hope it doesn’t cause any confusion.

Anyway, the book is now on my shelf as my first ever publication! Soon, the October issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly will be right beside it.


Seers and Sibyls, the anthology containing my horror story “The Wager,” is out now in paperback and on Kindle and Nook!

This anthology features stories and poems about clairvoyants, spiritual mediums, and others who commune with worlds beyond our own. My story is about an isht ahullo (a Choctaw conjuror). I’m very proud of this publication (My first!), and I can’t wait to read the other stories in this anthology.

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Edited by MJ Pankey, published by Brigids Gate Press, cover art by Elizabeth Leggett

Contributing authors: David Marino, Beth O’Brien, Victoria Brun, Rose Strickman, Zachary Rosenberg, Eric Swann, Nico Penaranda, A.L. Munson, Caroline Johnson, Marshall John Moore, Nancy Lambert, Susan Jordan, Jeremy Megargee, Nwejesu Ekpenisi, Jennifer Bushroe, Laura Marden, Joseph Mathias, Stephanie Ellis, Bettina Theissen, Misty Urban, Gerri Leen, Kayla Whittle, Ivy L. James, Matthew Yap, Cormack Baldwin, Shannon Connor Winward, Jacqueline Kate Goldblatt, Devan Barlow, Jay McKenzie, and Sam Muller

I am very pleased to announce that Cosmic Horror Monthly is going to publish my sci-fi horror story, “What Mel Knows.” Here’s a description of the story:

A lab accident leaves a physicist’s conscious mind jumping further and further into the future while her body remains in the present. But what happens when her mind reaches a future without her in it?

This is my very first short story and my first publication (aside from research papers). I am a physics major and drew on that background while writing it. Two side characters, Seth and Laura, are even named after my real lab partners from my time at Louisiana State University.

I had a lot of fun writing this somewhat sadistic story and can’t wait for it to appear in Cosmic Horror Monthly! It’s scheduled for sometime between July and December of this year. I’ll provide updates once I know the exact issue.