Short Stories

The Songstress

A mysterious woman arrives in a small town, singing a supernatural song of death and destruction that plunges the entire area into eternal night.

This narrative poem/flash piece appeared on MetaStellar, edited by Fallon Clark and Sophie Gorjance, for National Poetry Day 2024.

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Image created by Anais Aguilera using Firefly


The Wager

After a supernatural entity kidnaps their unborn child from the womb, a young New Orleans couple seeks help from a Choctaw conjuror to get him back. But defeating an evil this strong will take more than spiritual power; it will take wits.

This story appeared in the anthology Seers and Sibyls, edited by MJ Pankey and published by Brigids Gate Press.

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Cover art by Elizabeth Leggett


What Mel Knows

A lab accident leaves a physicist’s conscious mind jumping further and further into the future while her body remains in the present. But what happens when her mind reaches a future without her in it?

This story appeared in the October 2023 issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly, edited by Charles Tyra.

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Cover art by François Coutu