I received my contributor copy of Seers and Sibyls in the mail today, and it is beautiful!

I was a little surprised to see that every story was given a label like “A Tale from [insert country/ethnicity]” and even more surprised to see my story labeled as “A Tale from the Choctaw Nation.” It’s not. It’s just a tale from me. I fear that label gives the impression that my story is based on a Choctaw folktale and I’m a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, neither of which is true. I’m enrolled in the Vancleave Live Oak Choctaw of Mississippi, and my story, though it does have a Choctaw isht ahullo in it, is not based on any folktale. So I hope it doesn’t cause any confusion.

Anyway, the book is now on my shelf as my first ever publication! Soon, the October issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly will be right beside it.